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Trademark International

A trademark is a territorial right. In order to extend the protection to further countries there is the possibility of an international trademark application in addition to the Union trademark. The Madrid Agreement (MMA) and the Madrid Agreement Protocol (MMP) regulate the international registration of trademarks. This gives you the opportunity to extend the protection of your trademark (or trademark application) to other countries, even outside the European Union.

With a single application, trademark protection can be obtained in currently up to 130 countries (including the EU, USA, China, Japan, India; current status). Application, administration and renewal are simpler and therefore less expensive. You can determine which countries to select and an extension at a later date is also possible.

The registration and subsequent administration of an international trademark is done at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, which maintains the register for international trademarks. An application can be made through the Austrian Patent Office if you are the owner of an Austrian trademark or trademark application ("basic trademark").