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discover.IP is a cooperation between Austria WirtschaftsserviceGmbH (aws) and the Austrian Patent Office (ÖPA).

In an individual and free consultation with IP experts from the Austrian Patent Office and the aws, suitable protection and funding options for innovation projects are discussed, taking into account the business model.

With this offer, we are targeting private individuals as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

The goals of discover.IP are:

  • enabling the systematic use of intellectual property by the participating company
  • to strengthen IP awareness within the company
  • the identification of possible courses of action for the establishment of intellectual property rights or commercial exploitation.

Important questions that we are asked very often:

  • How can I protect my innovation projects (e.g. technical solutions such as processes or devices, creative creations such as industrial or graphic design or software products)?
  • Which protection strategies are most appropriate?
  • How can I make my competitive advantage exclusive and defensible?
  • Do my projects encroach on the rights of third parties (e.g. infringement of a patent)?
  • How can I research the "state of the art" or keep up to date with patent applications in my industry or from my competitors?
  • What do I have to pay attention to when I carry out research projects with cooperation partners (e.g. research institutions, companies)?
  • Which (further) measures/modules should I consider when developing/optimizing my IP strategy?
  • What funding opportunities are there for my company or my innovation project?

How do our customers benefit?

  • Individual and confidential consulting by IP experts
  • Imparting of basic IP knowledge
  • Identification of options for action and funding opportunities

After receipt of an application, we will contact you promptly with proposed dates for the meeting.

Important note: As comprehensive as this service is, it does not replace the services of a patent attorney or other professional party representative.

Questions exclusively concerning the filing of trademark or design applications

For questions exclusively concerning the filing of trademark or design applications, the Legal Information Service of the Austrian Patent Office will be pleased to assist you:

Mon-Fri 9-12 by telephone at +43 1 534 24, by e-mail or via the contact form.